Cutting Edge Site for Cutting Software Company

Q: How do you reach prospective clients from around the globe?
A: Build a great looking and intuitive website in multiple languages.

That is exactly what we did for Hypertherm CAM — a software development company for the cutting industry. The new site launched with ten (10) different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian Portuguese, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Korean.

The site allows them to manage all content — text, images, video, PDFs, etc. — in all of the various languages. We even build the system to allow them to export content in the format that their language translators utilize (XLIFF) to allow for seamless export/import of content.

Visit the site here.

New Photography Portfolio Site

KC Kratt is well recognized in the Western New York area — and well beyond — for his ability to capture amazing images of people, architecture, food and landscapes.

He is the go-to guy for many agencies, and even shoots for a local cultural magazine. To say that he is a busy guy is an understatement.

We have been kicking around the idea of a new website for KC with our good friend (and great designer) Alan Kegler for a VERY long time. And we finally dug our heels in and pushed to make it a reality.

The new site is a streamlined delivery vehicle for KC's wonderful images — providing an easy-to-update portfolio for his work, within a responsive design layout (meaning the site modifies the display of the content based upon the user's screen size).

Check out the new site here

New Website for Nidus Development

Nidus Development now has a brand new web presence. The new site features a portfolio of their projects and properties, as well as properties for sale/lease.

All of which is easily managed by Nidus' staff.

Visit the site here.

Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP

We worked with our friends at The Martin Group to create a spiffy new web presence for the firm of Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman, LLP.

The new site has a robust architecture, with plenty of cross-referencing content throughout — all of which is easily managed by their staff through the custom content management system (CMS) we crafted for them.

Labatt Blue Pond Hockey 2013

We are hockey lovers. And we enjoy a good beer now and then. Put those two things together, and you have a great event: The Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament.

We revamped their website this year (we have been working with them for a few years now) to including online registration and team management.

The management staff for the tournament can easily update/modify the site via the custom content management system (CMS) we built for them. Now we just gotta hope the lake freezes this year!

Visit the site here.

BPAC Store Launches

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we announce the launch of the Burchfield Penney Art Center's online store launching.

The site has been in development for a while, and a great deal of effort from all sides went into making it a great addition to their wonderful website.

As is the case with their website — and collections management system we developed for them — the store is very easily managed by their internal staff.

Visit the site here.

CoasterFlip Site Goes Live

Not all of our clients are huge conglomerates. We love doing really cool websites for smaller organizations — like our latest launch,

CoasterFlip is a cool pub game that is played in Europe. And all the more challenging after a few pints! The website gives visitors a bit of the experience online.

Ted's Hot Dogs Launches New Site

If you are from Western New York, or have just visited, you probably know of Ted's Hot Dogs — a staple in WNY cuisine since the 1920s.

We were very happy to be chosen to work with this local icon — and to put together a great website with our designer buddies at White Bicycle.

The site has been developed to include a responsive design — meaning that the site adjusts to the user's screen (showing more or less depending on the viewing area — computer vs. smartphone vs. tablet).

The site will also let you know how far you are from the nearest Ted's (in footlongs!).

Check it out for yourself.

Or read more about the project in our Portfolio section.

Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraf, Cunningham & Coppola LLC

We launched a great new site for the young law firm of Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraf, Cunningham & Coppola LLC: The site offers their staff the ability to manage all of the site content — staff bios, news, events and all page content.

2012 Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament

Ingenious rolled out the new site for this year's Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament in Buffalo. One heck of a cool event (no pun intended). Last year's event sported 128 teams from around the country — in various skill divisions. The tournament gets larger every year — with more fans showing up for the three day event.

Joe played in the past two, but missed tbe tourney this past year (Feb 2011) — so maybe we can get a team together for this next one.

Buffalo Hospital Supply Site Gets a Facelift

We revamped the design of the Buffalo Hospital Supply website — our initial concepts inspired them to model their print pieces after the website.

Ingenious Launches New Website for Delaware Pediatrics

Ingenious, Inc. recently created the first website for Delaware Pediatrics Associates. The original purpose of the site,, was to give Delaware Pediatrics a presence on the web; however, by adding editable PDF forms and HIPAA-compliant contact forms, Ingenious made the site more interactive and efficient. The HIPAA-compliant contact forms are an easy way to securely enter information relating to appointments and prescription refills.

The new site is easily managed and, therefore, allows their busy staff to edit the site quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing errors.

“I love the way the site turned out,” says Thomas Schenk, MD, practicing partner Delaware Pediatrics. “It is both attractive to look at and easy for users to navigate. And, editing the site content is extremely simple. A big thanks to the Ingenious team for making this come together!”

New Buffalo Brewing Company Site Goes Live

We just launched a site for a new brewery in town!

Tapestry Charter School Site Launches

The Bear Metal Works website was launched today. They are metal fabricators (with two cool robot welding machines and a bunch of other machines to make the average handyman jealous).

Bear Metal Works Showcases Their Services On Their New Website

The Bear Metal Works website was launched today. They are metal fabricators (with two cool robot welding machines and a bunch of other machines to make the average handyman jealous).

Edgeworth Economics New Site

We just launched this site with our good friends at White Bicycle -- and of course the project leadership of wordsmith extraordinaire Mike Gluck. Lotsa clever functionality on the backend -- all controlled through a simple-to-use content management solution.

Elbers gets new web presence

Summertime in Western New York is synonymous with enjoying the lush greenery. So it is only appropriate that we launch another flora-related site: Elbers Landscape Service, Inc.

Ingenious Designs Website for Lockwoods Nursery

Lockwood's Nursery has a great new website to showcase their wonderful home-grown plants and plethora of offerings to the avid gardener!

Local Hard Cider Company Gets New Website From Ingenious

We just launched a spiffy site for a locally-based hard cider company. It's a pretty darn cool site and a tasty product. Watch for McKenzie's at your local watering hole or supermarket.

Painter Thomas Kegler Gets Site Touched Up

We just launched a revamped website for contemporary realist painter Thomas Kegler. This fully content managed portfolio site offers him complete control over every aspect of the work he showcases. The site provides an enlargement feature that allows visitors to zoom in on the paintings and see the wonderful brush strokes of his works.